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Honcho - Durable

Honcho - Durable


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Description |

The Honcho is a high-performance tire designed for trail bikes. The tread pattern features tall, aggressive, and angular lugs that provides ample traction on loose and uneven terrain. It’s perfect for riders who tackle rocky, rooty trails. Wherever you ride, Honcho gives you the grip to confidently push your limits on the trail and ride the unknown comfortably, but the fast-rolling center tread ensures it never feels slow or unwieldy.

  • Center lugs closely and evenly spaced for a fast-rolling feel; enclosed siping improves traction while accelerating and braking. 
  • Transition lugs are tall and spaced out to shed mud; horseshoe siping conforms to the trail and maintains braking traction. 
  • Side lugs are staggered with parallel siping for grip while leaning through corners, and a braking shovel shape boosts traction when stopping.

Features |

Durable Casing: Teravail's Durable casing features a layer of woven polymer composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing. Located under the sidewall, it provides increased protection against abrasion and sharp debris.

Tubeless Ready:  Teravail tubeless tires use a proprietary bead material and shape in order to create a strong, airtight seal between the tire and rim.