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Stereo Coffee Roasters

Reverb Blend, 12oz

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Whether you’re working in the office or at home, a coffee you can drink from early check-ins to evening loose-end tying can come in handy. This smooth medium roast blend, with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and citrus is extremely well balanced, making it as good a match for the everyday coffee drinker as for master-blend aficionados. And maybe best of all, this versatile coffee works as well for espresso as it does for filter brews.

Current iteration:

80% Guatemala Santa Isabel Organic

20% Ethiopia Koke - honey process

This is Stereo's second collaboration with artist Quincy Raby. Quincy is a talented, multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Working primarily with acrylics in a hard-edge painting style, her body of work encompasses a variety of mediums including collage, sculpture, photography and soft goods. Clean lines and bright colours are her key signature.