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Speciale 8 Pedal - Orange

Speciale 8 Pedal - Orange

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Speciale 8 is Time's enduro pedal directly inspired by the SPECIAL 12. This enduro pedal is composed of an aluminum body slightly more compact than its big sister. You find a stable platform with 4 adjustable spikes for optimal grip even unclipped, and a micro-adjustable clamping system to meet the demands of the most advanced bikers. The patented ATAC engagement system (TIME patent) allows for easy insertion and positive, predictable release, as well as self-cleaning design, even in the toughest conditions. The SPECIALE 8 is entirely assembled in France in our Nevers factory, thus exceeding the high standards in terms of materials and production.


Axle component Hollow steel axle
Bearings Steel bearings
Body component Aluminium
Cleats ATAC cleats
Pedal stack height 17mm
Release angle 10° with ATAC Easy cleats, 13 or 17° with ATAC cleats
Tension Micro adjustment
Threading 9/16 - 20 inch

Materials Aluminium
Accessories ATAC Cleats
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