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Threaded Valve Extenders with Speedshield

Threaded Valve Extenders with Speedshield

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Description |

Lightweight valve extenders for your aero wheels that simply don't leak.

Most carbon rim profiles require valve stem lengths longer than what is typically referred to as standard. Those longer valve stems have significant weight that can unbalance the wheel at high speeds. SILCA Threaded Valve Extenders are lightweight aluminum that provide a significant weight savings over a full-length brass valve stem. The SILCA extenders come with SpeedShields and spherical nuts that protect the rim, prevent rattle and improve air flow.

Specs |

  • Aluminum Valve Extenders with full external threads
  • Knurled spherical nuts to eliminate bending load on valve stem
  • Custom molded silicone shield with 3M adhesive backer
  • Less than half the weight of brass valve extenders
  • SpeedShield Improves wheel aerodynamics up to 0.5 Watts at 30mph
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