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Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On
Mag Tank Bolt-On

Mag Tank Bolt-On


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Revelate Designs the beloved Mag-Tank™ and made a version compatible with top tube bolt bosses. 

The Mag-Tank™ takes a new twist on top tube bags. Instead of a zippered opening, access to the bag is by a smartly contoured top flap held in place by a magnetic buckle with mechanical engagement (read - the magnet aids in closure, while load is placed on a connection). It will not unintentionally open and spill your gummy bears when you end up in the trees with your bike upside down like a conventional magnetic closure would. You can easily open the bag one handed by pulling outward on the cord loop and you have access to the whole top of the bag. To close, just flick the flap down and the buckle self-engages!

Compared to our standard Gas Tank, the Mag-Tank™ is just a hair smaller to prevent leg movement from hitting the edge of the flap opening.

Please note - while the cover to this bag is designed to shed rain and spray, due to the large panel opening it is not a sealed nor waterproof bag. Although the closure is secure - due to the flap style opening there is the possibility that small-loose objects can come out of the bag from rough trails and lying the bike on it's side. We recommend putting things like single keys and M&M's in a ziplock.


    • Single handed access with effortless magnetic closure
    • Two sets of mounting holes on bag bottom to allow bolt-on attachment to top tube.
      • First set of mounting holes spaced at 76mm (+/- 2mm) from the front of the bag. 
      • Second set of mounting holes spaced at 100mm (+/- 2mm) from the front of the bag. 
      • Distance between mounting holes is 64mm (standard water bottle cage spacing).
    • Velcro secured, padded bag bottom conceals mounting bolts 
    • Side panels stiffened with HDPE plastic sheets
    • Interior lined with yellow fabric for greater visibility
    • Adjustable height daisy chain front attachment with a spacer block to clear stem clamp bolts


    • Length: 8.5"
    • Max height: 5"
    • Width at stem: 2.5"
    • Tapers down to 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide along the top tube.

    Made in the USA or imported with domestic and imported materials.

      Note: Mounting bolts not included. During test fitting we have noticed that longer bolts may be needed on the Salsa Cutthroat.


      • Weight:  4.5 oz
      • Volume:  Approx. 65 cubic inches
      • Materials:  VX21 & 42 XPac; 420 denier yellow and red lining; closed cell foam padded tube sections. HDPE sheets. Nickel plated grommets. Domestic and Imported.