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Paul Component Engineering

Gino Light Mount

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Description |

The Gino Light Mount provides a mounting point for handlebar lights wherever there is an M5 threaded eyelet on your frame. 

The Gino Light Mount is a clever part with a simple design. With the Gino, lights can be positioned at mid-fork or down by the dropouts, or attached to rack eyelets on the back of the frame.

By lowering the attachment point of your light, it casts its beam on the ground at a much shallower angle. This results in a lighting pattern that better reveals contours and hidden bumps in the road.

Specs |

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Weight: 30g

Finish: Anodized or Polished

Anodized Color: Black, Purple, Blue, Gold, Red, Orange, Pink or Silver

Outside Diameter: 26.0mm

Mounting bolt: 5mm