Gift Guides 2021: Pat's Picks!

Pat is one half of the original Dismount team.  He and Nathan opened the shop together back in September 2018 through a mutual love of all things bikes and coffee.  Pat does a whole lot around here, it's hard to keep track. If you've ever been to the shop, he's probably made you a coffee, fixed your flat tire or helped you find your dream bike. On days off, you can find him shredding the Don on his Salsa Blackthorn or cruising gravel roads on his Norco Search.  See what Pat has been loving in the shop lately!

1. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Short

I’ve had Dirt Roamer shorts for a season and a half now and they have become my go-to baggy ish shorts. They look great, and because of the four way shretch, the adjustable waistband and how there isn’t much in the way of excess material.     





2. 7Mesh Oro Jacket

    I only recently purchased an Oro and have maybe only used it about 10 times, but all it took was one ride in the rain for it to make it onto my list. For how light and packable this jacket is, it is SUCH a good rain jacket. It packs so small that it’s not going to impact space on multi day trips and you’ll be ready for any weather you encounter.


    3. Road Runner Mountain Wedge

    I’ve packed and unpacked this quite a few times over the course of the last summer and used it for commuting, longer day rides and overnight trips alike. Every time I unpack it I’m surprised at how much stuff fits in here. Separating your items between the larger main pocket and the smaller side pocket helps you locate stuff when you need it and it still leaves enough room on my frame to fit a Widefoot Litercage and a Nalgene inside my frame on the downtube.


    4. Dynamo Lighting

    To be honest, I’m almost frustrated with myself that I waited as long as I did before getting a dynamo setup on my bike. I don’t think I appreciated how much less hassle it is just being able to hop onto your bike and have a great front and rear light ready to go, for as long as you can ride.

    Especially now that the sun goes down at about 2pm, it’s just extra reassurance that you’ll be able to see and be seen.

    5. Teravail Mountain Bike Tires

    I’ve used 4 or 5 different models of Teravail tire now and while their gravel and allroad tires are great, this is purely an appreciation for how much I’ve enjoyed using their MTB tires. I use Ehline’s on my Surly Bridge Club and have used Honcho’s on my mountain bike for the past two seasons and really enjoy the way they ride. The Ehlines are a perfect marriage of fast rolling and rugged enough to tackle most surfaces (except heavy mud), which works really well for the mix of on road/offroad riding I do on my Surly. The Honchos have just enough of grippy side knob to navigate the off camber dry dirt in the don and still roll faster than expected. Excited to keep trying more.