Gift Guides 2021: Simon's Picks!


1. Salsa Blackthorn

This is hands down the best bike I have ever owned. Perfect for everything, from trail riding to enduro and some downhill, the 160mm of front travel and 140mm of rear travel soaks up everything on the trail from roots to the largest jumps and drops. The ride quality and confidence you get on this bike is unbeatable.    



2. Park Tool SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter Kit

    The perfect gift for anyone learning how to work on their bike, the SK-4 has the high quality tools we most commonly use in the shop. As well as a guide book that can teach you how to make hundreds of repairs on your own bike. 

    3.OneUp composite pedals

    My personal riding pedal, they are ridiculously gripy, super durable, and come in a variety of colors to give your bike that personal touch.

    4. Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves 

    Going tubeless is a no brainer. You save weight, give yourself more puncture resistance, and allow you to run lower tire pressure for more grip. Plus you get to put a sweet set of valves on your wheels. They come in 12 different colors and have a built-in valve core remover and spoke wrench. Sure to add the perfect flair of color to your bike

    5. Snow Peak Ti Double Wall 450 Mug

    I love this mug. I have taken it on far north canoe trips and it seems practically indestructible. The mug is super light, looks awesome and keeps anything in it hot or cool. It also protects your hands from being burned by hot drinks.



    6. Rockgeist Honeypot Feedbag

    I gave this as a gift to my mom last year and she loves it. It's perfect for keeping your water bottle, a snack and other things you want to bring with you safe, and easily accessible.


    7. WPL ForkBoost Lubricant 

    This stuff is great for keeping your suspension feeling great for a long time. It helps to lubricate and remove dirt from your suspension seals, as well as eliminate stiction leaving you with a supple feeling fork for longer.


    8. Crankbrothers Klic HV pump gauge/CO2

    I rarely go anywhere without this pump. It is light and takes up very little room in a bag. The hose stores neatly in the pump and the gauge helps you nail down your pressures. The built in CO2 inflator is perfect for when you need that quick blast of air to seat a tire or need to get going quickly. Compatible with both presta and schrader valves this pump is essential for anyone going on longer rides.


    9. Smith Sessions MIPS

    This is my go to riding helmet. It's light, very breathable, and looks sick. It's also very safe with MIPS and Koroyd® to protect your head. The fit is super comfortable and I sometimes forget I’m even wearing it.