Gift Guides 2021: Louis' Picks!

Well known and loved by our local customers and our team, Louis is the head mechanic here at Dismount and has worked some bike magic in his time.  He's big into mountain biking and commutes by bike year round - if you ever want to know the short term forecast, he'll know because he's prepared for it. See what Louis has been loving lately for on his cross town commutes and MTB rips!

1. Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Bag

I got this bag for myself this year, it's been great to use for the commute to replace my backpack and it comes in handy for carrying everything I need. I'll need a frame bag here on out.


2. Teravail Rutland Tires

When I decided to turn my faithful Norco Indie commuter bike into a do-it-all bike, I knew I needed wider tires and the Rutland fit the bill perfectly. They're fast rolling and they grip perfectly for the off-road excursions and trail shortcuts.


3. Quad Lock Universal Adapter

Quad Lock's system is the most popular mounting system for a reason, it's solid and secure. The universal adapter makes it possible to use virtually any device with their huge selection of mounts.



4. Dirt Care Pro Chain Lube

It's been a running joke here at the shop that I have a "flavour du jour" chain lubricant. This stuff came in from our good friends in Quebec, it's been significantly better than any lubricant I've used in the past 10 years. It's easy to apply as it has a solid red colour that can be seen easily during the application process, it lasts significantly longer and it's self cleaning so it will not build up on your drivetrain and leave you with an uncleanable mess.


5. Teravail Kessel Tires

This tire is crazy. I originally installed a different set of tires on my mountain bike  and they had the most inconsistent grip of any tire I've riddenmaking me think it was the bike that was causing traction issues. I decided to pull the trigger on the Kessels as a last ditch effort to make my MTB ride like I imagined it could. The first ride on them was truly a revelation, they outperformed the tires they replaced in such a clear and obvious way. 


6. Timber! Bell Quick Release

You know those times that you kind of feel like a jerk when ringing your bell at someone either on the trail or on the paths, this takes care of that. Just a friendly miniature quick-release cowbell.


7. 7Mesh Farside Shorts

One of the biggest brands to land in store for '21. I'm a huge gear junkie and when I found out that some of the key staff from Arc'teryx were heading out and starting a brand focused on cycling, I was all in. When these shorts landed, they were a no-brainer. 7mesh has raised the bar for quality.


8. 7Mesh Sight Tech Shirt

The comfiest summer riding shirt/jersey. I'm a person that overheats easily during the summer, this shirt/jersey has kept me perfectly cool whether it's super humid or super hot.


9. Troy Lee Designs A3 Helmet

I like helmets, I think they're super necessary. The Troy Lee Designs A3 is what comes of many years of research and testing on what makes the perfect Mountain Bike style helmet, it's perfection. The padding is thorough and it truly feels like a couple dozen angels are cuddling your head. Designed to channel sweat away from your face so it's perfect on even the hottest of days. Finally looks are very subjective, but I think this helmet looks badass, especially in the all black colourway, it has virtually no logos and looks like it can handle a good tumble through some dead-fall.


10. Wera Kraftform Pistol Handle Torque Wrench

This is something I use on a daily basis here in the workshop. It's adjustable between 4.4-8nm, so it will do nearly every stem on the market, it will also take care of most of the other pesky bolts on your frame. It's built with German precision, it is a tool that you will buy once and will be able to pass on.