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Loop Bar Harness

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The Loop Bar harness is a bikepacking harness is designed to work with loop handlebars including the Jones H-Bar (flat and riser versions) and the Surly Moloko bar. The harness is made from VX45 X-Pac for abrasion resistance and includes strap guides to prevent the straps from sliding off to the side of the handlebars. When unbuckled, the voile straps remain attached to the harness to assist with loading and unloading your dry bag. Dry bag not included.

  • Protects your drybag from abrasion holes
  • Prevents your Voile straps from sliding off towards the ends of the bar when traveling over rough terrain
  • Keeps your Voile straps mounted to the bars and off the ground when you take your dry bag out.

Voile straps sold separately here.