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Colombia, Gilberto Rojas, Decaf 8.8oz

Colombia, Gilberto Rojas, Decaf 8.8oz

Ethica Coffee Roasters

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Human description

99% chance to taste one of these:

  • Scents of dark chocolate
  • Roasted hazelnut
  • Stewed apple

100% not to get caffeinated (duh)


Nerd description




La Florida (Gilberto Rojas)


Red and Yellow Colombia


Washed ( EA DECAF)


1650 metres

Best for:




Led by Gilberto Rojas, coffee produced from this farm continues to improve year after year. And this year’s coffee represents Gilberto’s tremendous efforts, as it is considered some of their best coffee to date.

Gilberto, known for his immaculate growing and processing methods, was awarded second place at the 2015 Cup of Excellence Competition. He’s since continued to produce some of the finest coffees in Colombia, and we’re incredibly proud and excited to share his coffee with you.