It’s that time of year again. Hopefully your winter season is filled with bike rides and relaxing with family. If gift exchanging is on your list of things to plan for, we know how mentally draining it can be to pick out something perfect. If you have a cyclist or coffee drinker in your life, we’ve compiled a few lists depending on price range full of great items and gear for you to check out.

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GIFTS $100 - $250


Remember, we cover the shipping on any order over $150! 


$40 - $100


These bags look stylish even on a high end road bike and are so practical. Access a load of stuff while you ride in a great looking bag that mounts securely. 




Use it on your road bike, your gravel bike or mountain bike. These handy little pouches are so great for keeping things like a spare bottle, a camera or snacks. My goodness, we love snacks.




Wide, stable and versatile. We're not huge fans of riding with a backpack, but sometimes you want to be able to bring some extra stuff and a jersey pocket won't cut it….like snacks! Handmade in Seattle, this is one of our favorites, and available in a few different colors.




If you ride anywhere close to the winter season, we absolutely love this piece. 3 panel, flat stitch seam and 100% merino wool. Fits under your helmet perfectly and keeps you nice and toasty.




A must for any home coffee fan. A proper gooseneck kettle will help you control your pour speed so you get the most out of your cup.




A classic manual drip brewer. Looks amazing on your counter and is safe to keep on your warming element so coffee doesn’t cool too quickly.




My personal fav for home coffee. With a flat bottom instead of a filter, there’s a bit more room for error in pouring to get a great cup.




Well vented, great colours and the key…not too big! For a hundred bucks we find this to be one of the more low profile helmets on the market.




A top notch commuting duo. These lights are bright, waterproof, USB rechargeable and do a terrific job letting people know you’re there.




This is the best bell money can buy. It’s made in the USA out of all metal parts, is absolutely gorgeous, tough to remove for thieves and sounds like a unicorn. 




All titanium, made in the USA adjustable multitool? This is drool worthy.




Pat used these all the way through the winter last year and is kind of obsessed with them. It’s weird.




We’d argue that this is the single best investment you can make for riding through the winter. With all the salt that the city uses, main roads are mostly just slush so if you don’t have fenders, you will get wet…and when its -10 and you are wet, you are cold.

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