It’s that time of year again. Hopefully your winter season is filled with bike rides and relaxing with family. If gift exchanging is on your list of things to plan for, we know how mentally draining it can be to pick out something perfect. If you have a cyclist or coffee drinker in your life, we’ve compiled a few lists depending on price range full of great items and gear for you to check out.

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$100 - $250




The fit and finish on this bag is amazing. It’s so well thought out and so structurally solid. It comes off in in 2 seconds with their Klikfix adaptor and will last you a lifetime.




This is a super unique rolltop bar bag with intense capacity. Uses an anti sway strap that goes around your steer tube so it stays rock solid and doesn’t shake around when you ride. I think we managed to fit like…..20 cans of cold brew in one before.




It sucks to say it, but this is a Toronto quality Ulock. It’s made in Germany, is a reasonable weight and doesn’t corrode when exposed to the salty Toronto air. This is a great lock that you can have piece of mind with. 



The Kevlar sleeve this lock has doubles as both a waistbelt and a highly potent reflector. Basically a Ulock quality chain lock that you don’t need a bag to carry.




No bike saddle is as comfortable as a broken in Brooks saddle. Nothing.




Handmade in Seattle, this bag is designed to fit perfectly into the WALD 137 basket. It has straps around the side so that its stylish off the bike but rock solid when attached to the basket. Zips closed on the top so there’s plenty of room to secure your books….ya..books.




Get a child started on bikes the proper way. These balance bikes come in 2 sizes, have amazing standover clearance and rubber tires for extra stability and grip.



The do everything floor pump that uses an air chamber you can charge up to have work as a compressor to help seat a tubeless tire at home. It’s unusually fun to use.




These bags use a waterproof liner system inside so that you can turn them inside out to dry them if you need to carry something wet. They also have external straps to help carry things like a Ulock and a bunch of reflective stripping as well.




This hippack doubles as a handlebar bag as well. It has external straps to securely carry your fly fishing pole and has enough room to fit a small jacket, sunscreen and anything else you might need on a great day out.







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