It’s that time of year again. Hopefully your winter season is filled with bike rides and relaxing with family. If gift exchanging is on your list of things to plan for, we know how mentally draining it can be to pick out something perfect. If you have a cyclist or coffee drinker in your life, we’ve compiled a few lists depending on price range full of great items and gear for you to check out.

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This is timeless! Until you finish the bag I guess. A great bag of new coffee is always a treat for me. Let us help you pick out something that matches who you’re giving it to. Coffee ranges from 18-20 bucks depending on origin.




Support a Canadian roaster and look good doing it. These stylish mugs are perfect for your morning cup at home.




Maybe our favourite item in the store at the moment. 35 dollars gets you a toque that’s made in Ontario out of 100% Italian merino wool. These are SO COZY and available in a few different colours. 

Toronto has a recycling problem when it comes to coffee cups. Get one of these awesome reusable mugs to get your morning coffee to-go. Every time you bring it in, you save .25c off of any drink.




This classic manual pourover system comes in a beautiful stylish ceramic version with great heat retention. The V60 will last you forever and let you have maximum control over your coffee strength and taste.




Up your #sockgame with the best fitting and best-looking socks available. We love the stories, the fit and quality of socks that come from this Portland based brand. Also is it really a holiday until someone is gifted a pair of socks?




A good necktube is about as versatile as it gets. Pull it up over your mouth when the weather drops or right up over your head if it gets really cold. Once fall hits, this is one of those things I rarely leave home without.




Support your local bike shop with a cool branded Purist bottle.




Store all of your ride essentials in an easy to use tool roll. Enough space to put a tube, a multitool, tire levers and a credit card, this is one of the only tool rolls that that come in tons of colours and has a removable seatpost brace.




I don’t even think you need to be a cyclist to find use out of these. Hiplok Z locks come in a pack of 2 and are essentially a keyed zip tie with a robust steel core. These are super useful and great for so many things!




A good bell is a lifetime purchase. Stay stylish with our selection of Crane Bells which are still made in Osaka, Japan.




Wear them under a helmet or out and about, these made in Italy throwback caps are a great gift for any cycling fan.  




No one wants to get stuck out on a ride with without being able to fix a small problem that comes up. The mini 9 has tire levers, as well as everything you need for basic maintenance. Plus it looks awesome.






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