Annnnnnd just like that it's holiday time again. Creeps up every year but here we are, getting ready to spend some time with family or maybe just take some time to get out for a winter ride. Either way we wish you a super happy Holiday season. 


If gift giving is in the cards for you this year, we've compiled another list of products that we love and separated them into different price ranges to help you find the perfect something for that coffee drinker or cyclist in your life.  




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Bag of Coffee - $18-$26

Absolutely classic. It's not something cheap and plastic that won't get used or end up in a landfill. Give a gift someone will use and no doubt enjoy! 




45NRTH Stavenger Merino Cap - $39.99

A simple merino wool cap designed to cover your ears and fit under your helmet. Super comfy and keeps you toasty. 




Dismount Tshirt! - $25

Support your local bike shop by getting one of their made and printed in Toronto t-shirts. These are unisex ultra soft bamboo cotton and are a pleasure to wear. 




PDW Bottle Cage - $24.99

These come in a bunch of different colours and iterations. Why carry your own water bottle when you can get a cat, dog, owl or sparrow to do it? 





Voile Straps - $9-$13

Just infinitely useful for so many things. Use them to bring a tube or your tools on a ride, or use them to strap down bags on a bike camping trip, or literally anything want something strapped to another thing??...these are the best straps in the game. 



Retro Cycling Cap - $24.99-$39.99

Wear them under a helmet or out and about, these made in Italy throwback caps are a great gift for any cycling fan.  



 Reusable Beverage Cup From Huskee or Keep Cup. $24-$39.99

Huskee cups are made from repurposed coffee husks and will eventually biodegrade as opposed to your traditional plastic cup. Keep cups have that classic look and come in a variety of colours and materials. Both are useful and help minimize your impact on the environment without compromising on your coffee habit! 



Socks From Team Dream or The Athletic - $24.99 - $39.99

Up your #sockgame with the best fitting and best-looking socks available. We love the stories, the fit and quality of socks that come from these West Coast brands. Also is it really a holiday until someone is gifted a pair of socks?



Mars Toque - $35

The all time greatest. 100% merino wool, SUPER soft and made in Toronto. We all love them and we promise you'll love them, too. 



Dismount Water Bottle - $14.99

Every cyclist can always use more of these. We don't take care of them...we forget them all over the place and lose them or leave little bits of energy drink in them for weeks at a time and then they go moldy and gross. New ones are always welcome, and we think these ones are neat-o! 



Endura Merino Multitube - $29.99

An absolute favorite among the Dismount staff. This is a versatile merino tube that you can use as a scarf, balaclava or just to cover your mouth and nose on those cold mornings. Much coze. 



Topeak Multitool - $34.99

This handy tool comes in either black or silver and contains almost everything you would need to do basic road or trailside repairs or adjustments. It comes in a sleek metal body and fits nicely in any tool roll or jersey pocket. 







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