Annnnnnd just like that it's holiday time again. Creeps up every year but here we are, getting ready to spend some time with family or maybe just take some time to get out for a winter ride. Either way we wish you a super happy Holiday season. 


If gift giving is in the cards for you this year, we've compiled another list of products that we love and separated them into different price ranges to help you find the perfect something for that coffee drinker or cyclist in your life.  




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Spurcycle Bell - $70 - $90

This is the best bell money can buy. It’s made in the USA out of all metal parts, is absolutely gorgeous, tough to remove for thieves and sounds like a unicorn. 



Kinto Tumbler - $45 - $49.99

These tumblers are double walled and vaccuum insulated to keep your coffee hot for hours and hours. They have a lid that comes apart in 2 pieces to easily clean and are available in 2 sizes. Oh..ya...they are also GORGEOUS. 



Aeropress - $44

A great way to make a cup or 2 of coffee. Lightweight, portable and pretty much indestructible. I treat mine terribly when I bring it camping and it's held up for years. Will hold up to years of abuse and make an incredible cup of coffee each time. 



Wolftooth Pack Pliers - $54.99

More than just a lightweight set of master link pliers. This small, handheld tool has a stash area for your extra quick link and can double as a tire lever and a valve core remover in a pinch. 



Silca T-Ratchet Kit - $79.99

This is one of those tools that is as functional as it is nice to look at and feel. It works fabulously, can be configured in multiple different ways and all fits into a super nice little carrying case. 



Dismount Crewneck or Hoodie - $50 - $60

Support your local bike and coffee shop by sporting one of these made and printed in Toronto unisex garments. Ultra soft and certified cozy. 



Feedbag from Roadrunner, Revelate Designs or Swift Industries - $54.99 - $84.99

One of our absolute favourite accessories for any type of cyclist. This handy bag attaches behind your handlebar and next to your stem and acts like a dumping ground for any items you want quick access to while you ride. Put a bottle in there if you want, but it can be a handy place for a phone and keys as well as snacks....they can fit so many good snacks. 




45NRTH Greazy Cap - $62.00

Come October, this cap starts to make consistent appearances on the heads of every staff member at Dismount. We're obsessed. It's a 100% merino wool, 2 layer cap that's paneled perfectly to fit under a helmet and keep your head and ears warm during the winter months. 



ti king cage

Titanium King Cage - $85

The best water bottle cage on the planet. Hands down. This cage is handmade in Durango, Colorado. This cage looks classy as heck, weighs nothing and will outlive the cockroaches. 



Burrito Supreme

Roadrunner Burrito Supreme - $94.99

The Burrito Supreme looks great on any bike and comes in exactly one billion trillion colours so you can find the perfect match. Enough room to stuff a jacket, and a couple dad sodas, you will probably find this is one of those things you won't want to go riding without. 



serfas light 

Serfas Scorpius 70 - $60

This light is perfect if you just don't want to mess around with not being seen anymore. It has a focused beam perfect for being seen without blinding drivers and can be seen from up to a km away during daylight! It's also small, has a slick aluminium body and comes with 2 different mounts in the box. 




Endura Hummvee Waterproof Socks - $69.99

Nothing better than pulling off your socks after a long messy commute and having feet that are dry as a bone. These socks are wool lined and can be the difference between a great ride and a miserable one. 







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