Annnnnnd just like that it's holiday time again. Creeps up every year but here we are, getting ready to spend some time with family or maybe just take some time to get out for a winter ride. Either way we wish you a super happy Holiday season. 


If gift giving is in the cards for you this year, we've compiled another list of products that we love and separated them into different price ranges to help you find the perfect something for that coffee drinker or cyclist in your life.  




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Park Tool School - $250

Give the gift of being able to work on your own bike. Our mechanic courses are 4 sessions long and cover all the basics you'll need to work on and maintain your bike. Plus you get a reference guidebook and a certificate when you're all done!




45NRTH Draugenklaw Pogies - $115

When you don't want to mess around with cold hands anymore, pogies are the way to go. These bar covers shield your hands from the wind and elements and paired up with a glove will keep you warm like nothing else. 



Silca Pista or Pista Plus Floor Pump - $150 - $199.99

Some of the nicest floor pumps around. No plastic parts to be found here. These pieces have an easy to read gauge and are designed to outlast the rest of your bike accessories. 



Swift Industries Sitka Hip Pack - $110

Featured on our gift guide last year and it still holds up. A great companion for not just riding but any daytrip. Can be worn over the shoulder or on the hip and comes in a few colours to match any kit. 



A Great Set of New Tires - $100 - $250

Basically like new shoes for your bike. New tires can change and prove the whole dynamic of your bike and make it faster, lighter or more capable. An awesome way to treat someone. 



Brooks Saddle - $168

I said this last year but no saddle is as comfortable as a broken in Brooks Saddle. Nothing. 



Swift Industries Zeitgeist Saddle Bag - $240

Reallllly take advantage of that empty space under your saddle. The zeitgeist is a modern take on the classic british touring seat bag and made with strong, lightweight materials. This thing is cavernous and should be able to take a good chunk of your overnight supplies. 



45NRTH Sturmfist 5 - $129.99

The warmest gloves we have in the store. Warm enough for most people on the coldest days Toronto has to offer and have some really nice features like a leather palm and a low profile that leaves you with lots of dexterity. 



Silca HX-1 Home Essentials Kit - $199.99

A absolutely BEAUTIFUL set of tools, kept in a gorgeous wood display box. Treat yourself, this one is nice enough it might find it's way on to the mantle. 



Annual Tune Up - $129.99

Buying someone a tune up is so nice! This one is our second level tune up and includes a full drivetrain clean. Your bike comes out looking almost brand new. So nice to start your year with. Just call in to purchase one under your friends name. 



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