The Great Dismount Gift Guide 2020 - Nathan's Picks

Our Annual gift guides are here to help you make sense of what to buy your loved ones around the holidays. It can be exhausting to try to guess out of thin air what the perfect gift might be, so this year we’ve compiled several different lists, handpicked by our amazing staff to try to help track down that perfect, practical gift.


Nathan...what is there to say! Our Northern Ontario Ambassador! He's one of the founding members of Dismount and has a wealth of knowledge stemming from a lifetime of experience in bike shops. One of the raddest people we know and very much a gear junkie. Just the other day he was saying he could put out a new list every week so to widdle it down to 11 things impressive and you know it's going to be the best of the best. 

Nathan's Picks! 


1. Wahoo Roam GPS

This has been game changing for me. Having moved from Thunder to Toronto about 5 years ago I was not super familiar with the region. The ability to just upload routes to Roam from my phone has helped me discover some pretty rad areas down here with little to no hassle while riding. 

2. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket

This jacket is lightweight but not flimsy, is super breathable, is super water resistant, and has a great cut and stretch for comfy some comfy times on the bike.

3. Ratcheting Multi-Tool

Once upon a time I worked with a rad dude from Germany named Ruben. He introduced me to the ratcheting multitool from Topeak and I have been obsessed with them ever since. The ratcheting makes it quicker to loosen/tighten a bolt, and reduces the chance of stripping a bolt head. My go to is now the Silca T-Ratchet, it is always in my kit for daily rides and bikepacking trips alike!  

4. 45NRTH Greazy Cap

Hands down the best piece of kit in my wardrobe. The merino makes it super soft, nice and warm, and you can wear this Fall, Winter, and Spring. I’ve used it for commuting, gravel rides, and fatbiking in through chilly northwoods winters. 

5. Widefoot LiterCage

Carrying a liter of water is pretty awesome. These cages are stainless steel, made in the USA, and are beautiful on the bike. We did the GNR bikepacking route at the peak of a heat wave and I was very happy to have two of these mounted up on my fork carrying heaps of water throughout the ride! 

6. King Cage Iris Cage

Got my first King Cage when I was 14, and I still use it today! These bottle cages are handmade in Durango Colorado by Ron Andrews and his team from high grade stainless steel. They are absolutely beautiful, will hold your bottle tight, and will last a lifetime… all that for $30, hard to argue with that!!

7. Dismount T's

Seriously, I’ve been wearing one of each of the three new designs everyday since the release. Doublenaut nailed the artwork and these T’s are perfect for riding or chilling! 

8. Patagonia Merino T

This shirt is my first choice for most rides. Merino is a fave around the shop for many reasons.. Breathes well, wicks moisture, and is super soft to the skin… and it goes well on multi-day trips as it doesn’t get too smelly after a day on the bike. Patagonia nailed the cut as it falls a little lower on the back, has roomy sleeves, and a bit of breathing room in the chest. 

9. Sram AXS

Set it and forget it! Sram AXS wireless shifting is pretty darn cool. Initial setup is pretty easy, and after that you are in shifting paradise. Effortless shifts, and smooth like butter! Also, gets rid of those uggo cables ;) - Come chat with us about getting you fitted out!

10. Revelate Mountain Feedbag

Everyone should own a feedbag.. It's like a glove compartment for your bike.. Load it up with snacks one day, a camera and wallet the next, a tool and tube another, an extra bottle if you need one, or maybe a beer on the way home from work.

11. Surly Bike

Any of them.. Just get one (I own a Krampus and Bridge Club). As they like to say, “Everything you need, nothing you don’t.” Just the way things should be! 





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